I’m Going to Hell

I’m Going to Hell is a low-brow, surreal, Point and Click adventure game, full of hand-drawn art.

Gameplay is focused on the surreal visuals and storytelling. Pixel hunting and complicated item-based puzzle solving is kept to a minimum.

Visually, it’s strongly inspired by classic 8-Bit NES games.

I’m Going to Hell is written in C# with a custom-built engine running on  the Unity3D platform.

This hand rolled engine lets me work with some specific NES limitations in order to create a fairly authentic 8-bit feel.

  • Every image is created from 8×8 tile elements
  • Each individual tile can only use a maximum of 4 colors
  • There are 8 separate 4 color palettes available for use at one time
  • Only the 64 (56 unique) colors from the original NES hardware are available for use in those palettes

These rules keep me honest about the 8-bit look, and let I’m Going to Hell use a number of cool palette swapping tricks that would be impossible, were it designed with assets that only looked 8-bit.

There are a few concessions to modern hardware, though:

  • The screen size is wider than the original 4:3 aspect ratio, so less of our 16:9 screen space is wasted
  • There are no limits put on the number of sprites per line. The NES only allowed for 8 per line, which led to workarounds like flickering. I’m Going to Hell is not a very sprite-heavy game, anyway!
  • The 8 palettes are not split between Sprites and Background tiles – they are all shared for any use
  • There are no memory limits on the number of unique tiles or sprites loaded at once
  • Mouse input is supported (It is a Point-and-Click game, after all!)


I’ve been joined by Alex Palm as composer on I’m Going to Hell. You can find him on Twitter at @alexwilliampalm.

Here’s an in-progress example of his awesome title track:


We’re aiming for release on Steam and Itch.io in late 2017 or early 2018. There will be more information on that as we get closer to release!

For updates you can follow I’m Going to Hell on social media:

Looking forward to meeting you… in hell!