I’m Going to Hell

I’m Going to Hell is a low-brow, surreal, Point and Click adventure game, full of hand-drawn art.

Gameplay is focused on the surreal visuals and storytelling. Pixel hunting and complicated item-based puzzle solving is kept to a minimum.

Visually, it’s strongly inspired by classic 8-Bit NES games.

I’m Going to Hell is written in C# with a custom-built engine running on  the Unity3D platform.

This hand rolled engine lets me work with some specific NES limitations in order to create a fairly authentic 8-bit feel.

  • Every image is created from 8×8 tile elements
  • Each individual tile can only use a maximum of 4 colors
  • There are 8 separate 4 color palettes available for use at one time
  • Only the 64 (56 unique) colors from the original NES hardware are available for use in those palettes

These rules keep me honest about the 8-bit look, and let I’m Going to Hell use a number of cool palette swapping tricks that would be impossible, were it designed with assets that only looked 8-bit.

There are a few concessions to modern hardware, though:

  • The screen size is wider than the original 4:3 aspect ratio, so less of our 16:9 screen space is wasted
  • There are no limits put on the number of sprites per line. The NES only allowed for 8 per line, which led to workarounds like flickering. I’m Going to Hell is not a very sprite-heavy game, anyway!
  • The 8 palettes are not split between Sprites and Background tiles – they are all shared for any use
  • There are no memory limits on the number of unique tiles or sprites loaded at once
  • Mouse input is supported (It is a Point-and-Click game, after all!)


I’ve been joined by Alex Palm as composer on I’m Going to Hell. You can find him on Twitter at @alexwilliampalm.

Here’s an in-progress example of his awesome title track:


There will be more information on that as we get closer to release!

For updates you can follow I’m Going to Hell on social media:

Looking forward to meeting you… in hell!